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Wear Out Your Knees Posted 7.24.2015

Summer can feel like a much-needed break from the routine.  Facebook is full of great trips folks are taking – and I enjoy traveling with them.  But, there is a lot stuff going on around here too.  We are in the middle of Quest, a discipleship program for children, with the musical next Sunday night.  The Joy family has put together a mission trip to Guatemala that leaves soon.  Our youth head to summer camp on the beach of Catalina in just a couple of weeks.  Team Bombo opens a medical clinic in Uganda in jut a month from now.  And then we start a bunch of ministries up all over again in September.  Home groups. Bible studies.  Classes.


So as we sit here at the end of July it is no time to get up off our knees.  There is no vacation from prayer.  We can do all things well, but if we fail to pray, we will fail.  So as we turn the corner into August, these are no “dog days” for Peninsula.  These are days when we must redouble our efforts in prayer.  We are going to begin this next season of ministry with focused prayer, but we can’t wait for September to pray.  We need to pray today.


Come September we will again offer groups in homes dedicated to one hour of prayer.  One hour.  No food.  No gimmicks.  Just prayer.  We need at least ten more homes willing to volunteer to host a gathering.  The staff will provide the prayer guide – you provide the seats and smiles as you guide whoever shows up in prayer (how’s that for a shameless plug for patio signups).


Anyway, 2 Chronicles 13:18 says, “The men of Judah prevailed, because they relied on the Lord, the God of their fathers.”  We are no different.  We must rely on God as well.  These are critical days for the people of God and the church of God.  On many levels.  So we must pray:

I sense more than ever a need for prayer.  This is no time to shrink back, but to seek fully the face of the Savior that we might show more clearly the grace we know through Him. Don’t get distracted.  Don’t get lazy.  We will only prevail as we depend on God.  So let’s depend on Him and wear out our knees.


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