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Well Done! Posted 6.07.2013

This is a season for celebrations.  Beginning way back in May, we are now at the climax of the graduation season.  Sincere congratulations are in order for our hard-working and persevering students.  The church has hosted two graduations in the last two days (our preschool and our high school).  So it has touched close to home.  To all our graduates, there is just one message -- well done.


This week, we punctuated those celebrations with a service of celebration and remembrance for our own Linda Lane.  She passed away recently and we gathered on Wednesday to remember her – and her love for Jesus and family.  As is always the case on such an occasion, I learned so much more about the person after they have died than while sitting next to them on Sunday mornings.  But my hat goes off to all the women who had surrounded Linda over these past years. 


Linda had fallen off her beloved horse a decade ago, resulting in severe brain trauma.  The long and arduous recovery process had led to personality changes.  We did not know her before her fall, but we loved her just as we knew her.  Linda truly loved Jesus and was faithful to Him.  Well done.

And to those ladies who surrounded her with love for so long, I have just one thing to say.  Well done.


This week we have the unique opportunity to celebrate a different facet of life, as Doris Stolhand turns 90 on Thursday.  Everyone is invited to celebrate together.  We are going to join in a Prime Timer-led potluck on Thursday at noon in The Pit.  It will be the inaugural event for our new downstairs kitchen.  We’ll have some fun celebrating the faithfulness of God to Doris (and Woody). 


Doris and Woody are the last remaining charter members at Peninsula.  They have been – and are – a huge blessing in our lives.  Their foresight and wisdom and ability to take a risk were instrumental in launching what was called Peninsula Baptist Church in 1964.  The lives that have been touched and transformed is quite a legacy.  Doris and Woody have demonstrated the power of perseverance.  They have outlasted so many that have come and gone.  We see in them the faithfulness of God.  So I hope you’ll have some time to come to lunch on Thursday to celebrate Doris.  I just have one thing (although several come to mind) to say to Doris.  Well done.


But as you think about all the praise that world offers – fame and riches and prestige, the believer just longs one thing:  words of praise from the Savior.  All we really want deep down is approval.  Approval from God.  The highest praise we can receive is, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  That is our goal.  And to hear that phrase from the lips of Jesus – we just have to serve.  We are all eligible for that role.


So serve away this week.  Someday you can hear from Jesus those words of praise.  Well done.


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