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What a Great Fourth! Posted 7.11.2013

Not sure how your Fourth was, but mine was great.  I spent the day enjoying the Eastern Sierras.  It was magnificent.  The boys and I tried to empty Lake Mamie of all its trout.  Tried is the operative word in that sentence.  I must ever so humbly admit that I did happen to be the leader in the fishing contest that day.  Do you think I’d bring it up if wasn’t?  I caught the first two fish, on lures, while the other fishermen in my party failed to nab a bite.  They did catch up a little, but by the end of that glorious day, I was firmly in control of the derby lead.


On Friday, we went out onto Lake Mary.  We like to do that each year.  Well, I like it.  I can sit back and enjoy the mountain vistas even if the fish in the lake are not very hungry.  Let me just say, I didn’t have nearly as much time as usual to enjoy the scenery, I was a bit busy dealing with my pole.  I do think that they must have stocked the lake in light of the massive crowds over the long weekend.  But hey, I don’t care; we (and especially me) were catching fish.


By the end of the day I was ahead with seven, second place had a disputed fish count (we won’t go there – but does it have to be fully on the shore to count?) and, well; someone was enjoying the scenic vistas more than normal.


And that is sort of my point this morning.  We can all be in the same boat.  Use the same equipment.  Use the same bait.  Plop our hooks within inches of each other.  And the results will not be the same.  There is a measure of luck involved in fishing.


The same is true in life.  We can all walk down the same path.  Use the gifts we’ve been given.  Be as faithful to follow Jesus as can possible imagine.  Work and live right alongside someone else.  And yet we will face different issues.  The results will not be identical.  But in life, there is no luck.  There is the sovereignty of God, which is much different.


In the boat of life, we must do things right.  When someone at the boat dock asked what the fish were liking – the response was, it doesn’t matter what method you use, just do it right.  And that weekend it really didn’t matter where in the lake you dropped your anchor.  There were plenty of fish in the lake, just fish correctly.  Use a lure as he told you.  Use the power bait as he told you.  Troll as he told you.  Do it right and you will find success.


And so it is with following Jesus; live in humble submission to the will and Word of God.  Leave the results in His sovereign hand.  Just be faithful.  That is all that God requires.  But let God stretch your faith.  Give God the freedom to take you and use you however He wills.  And then God smiles.

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