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What's Important This Weekend? Posted 6.13.2014

Happy Father’s Day!  This is a unique weekend for us Welches.  Not only is it Father’s Day, but on Saturday, my dad celebrated his 90th birthday.  The changes he has seen in his 90 years is breathtaking, so we couldn’t let this milestone pass without a special celebration for dad at the house on Saturday.


Milestones are important markers in life.  We gather as much of the family together as possible.  We take lots of pictures.  These days we post them on Facebook or Instagram or Tweet them.  I will probably have done all three this weekend.  Several times.  Why?  Because I want to honor my dad.  Not many reach the milestone of 90, let’s be honest.  So this weekend, we pull out the flag for Flag Day, we remember that dad is turning 90, and we celebrate Father’s Day.  That’s quite a wide variety of moments striving to capture our attention.


And then, of course, we have to watch the Kings play hockey (they better have won the Stanley Cup by now!) and then there is that soccer tournament in Brazil that is begging for attention.  And, oh yes, hopefully the Spurs will put the Miami Heat out of their misery.  Soon.  Wow, I’m exhausted just contemplating all the things which call for my attention this weekend.  And I haven’t even gotten into the geo-political chaos swirling all around.  And our students are in Guatemala this week.


Sometimes you have to pick and choose where to put your energy and attention and time.  This weekend, in our house, all else is put aside because of the rare opportunity to celebrate a 90th birthday.  The rest (except for the Kings, I suppose) has to fall to the background. 


That sounds like a spiritual life struggle, doesn’t it?  There are times in life when we have to choose where to put our attention.   The world is flashing it lights and passing so quickly that we look away from Jesus so we don’t miss anything.  It is so easy to get our eyes off Jesus and once we do, we begin a downward spiral.


The Christian life is a series of choices.  We have to decide to keep our eyes on Jesus.  We are prone to wander.  We so easily leave our first love.  We neglect.  We ignore.  We get sidetracked.  We choose immediate gratification over eternal reward.  But such is the walk of faith.  When distracted by the world, we must make the tough choice to keep our focus on Jesus.  There will be moments of self-denial.  There will be seasons of self-examination.  Spiritual growth is not automatic, nor is it without pain.


So this weekend, I choose to put some things aside that I might honor dad.  Happy 90th birthday.  We are blessed to have you around so long and are beginning to plan for the 100th.  May God bless this next decade in your life – and in our lives together.  Oh yes, and Happy Father’s Day.  And Happy Flag Day.  Go Angels!



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