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Where Were You Last Saturday? Posted 11.01.2013

It has now been eight days.  Eight days of recovery, but my legs are normal again.  Last Saturday, I entered my second 5K.  It was at my alma mater, Biola University, and was a fund raising event.  I “ran” with about 500 other people around the campus with the President, Dr. Barry Corey.  It was a foggy morning, a bit cool, but a great morning to…..jog.  I’m not a runner, and don’t enjoy it.  Walking on a treadmill for ten minutes a day is about the extent of my distance training.


So, on this Saturday morning, I decided I would do a slow jog as far as I could.  I mean, I might as well get this torture over with as soon as possible.  I did the Turkey Trot in Torrance a couple of years ago and was sore for a month, but now I was ready (with no further training) to tackle my second 5K.


As I began to jog the 3.1 miles (its really not all that far), I began to rehearse in my mind why I was doing this.  Why?  Well, maybe it was to help raise some meager funds for the girl’s Lacrosse team.  Sure, that’s a reason, but I could have written the check just to them, skipped the run, and we’d all be happy.  So it wasn’t just for the team.


Maybe it was for the breakfast burrito waiting at the finish line.  Hmmm….that could be a great reason.


Or maybe it was for my health.  Of course, it might take more than one 5K every three years to make much of an impact on my blood pressure or cholesterol.  I do learn something on these medical missions.


Maybe I ran to get an up close look at the Biola campus.  Or meet the President.  Well, in jogging I did see a fresh perspective of the campus.  It has been transformed in the 36 years since I walked there as a student. They actually have green plants and flowers in places where there were just weeds when I was a student.  And the buildings have literally multiplied since I graduated.  But there are other ways than jogging to get a campus tour.  And then, I never did meet Dr. Corey (he’s way too fast a runner for me).


So why was I “running”?  It was sort of fun once I got started (did I say that?).  But as I thought about why I participated, there was only one valid reason to be jogging around Biola on an overcast and chilly morning in October.  Only one reason at all. And maybe you’ve figured it out.  There are some things in life that have totally changed my perspective and my goals and even my interests.  Kids have a way of doing that.  The reason I did my second 5K?  It is the same reason why I did that first one.  And why I may have to do another one some Thanksgiving.




One of the unexpected joys of parenthood is a 5K early on a Saturday morning.  I wouldn't have been anywhere else.

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