Video Gallery

Mercy's Village - Uganda
Uganda webisode - Jeami Duncan, Mercy's Village
Well drilling in Saba, Honduras Jan 2012
Here you can see the basic well drilling set up. Joe is on the drill up/down controls, Bryan is on pipes, and Rick is helping maintain suction in the second pit.
2011 Year in Review
A review in pictures of the highlights of 2011.
Timothy dancing before evening meeting.
Love All 2012, Medical Equipment in Bombo
Listen as the vision is cast for our Advent Conspiracy project in 2012.
Advent Conspiracy Promo 2012
Discover how to turn Christmas Upside Down.
Pastor Bruce's Family Minute: Conflict!
PBFM Blame and Foundation #2
Project 1012 Family BBQ
Resurrection Sunday Invite Promo
Check out the full version of the humorous neighbor invitation. And....go thou and sort of do likewise.
Jim Cutting's Testimony
Enjoy the story of God as told by Jim Cutting. It's a powerful statement of the grace of God over a lifelong journey to faith in Jesus. It was shown on Resurrection Sunday 2013 in both worship services. Thanks, Jim!!
Breakout 2012-13 Slideshow
Quest 2013 promo "Mayhem"
Why Am I Here?
Discover the heart of some of the most basic questions in life. On 2.23.14 we begin a six week, all-encompassing journey to answer the question -- why on earth am I here?
ACT 2014 LDB RanchoPalosPromo
Bombo Medical Clinic 2011
Relive the August 2011 Bombo, Uganda, medical clinic. Here the voices from Bombo speak to your heart and catch a vision for where the clinic could go in the years to come.
Jim's 2nd message from Bombo (8-14-11)
Jim's message from Bombo (8-7-11)
Looking Back at Bombo 2010
Catch the excitement of Clinic 2010 as a team from Peninsula conducts its biggest and most successful Medical Clinic to date in Bombo, Uganda. God at work!!
Quest Promo 2011
A Sacrifice of One
Wobelenzi, Uganda Playground
From Joseph
A message from Papua New Guinea for Peninsula Community Church
Jerusalem Marketplace - March 27, 2010
Peninsula Community Church invites you, your family and friends to travel back in time and experience what Jerusalem. Come and join us for our annual Easter Breakfast Jerusalem Marketplace where you and your children will have an awesome time visiting our first century marketplace.
A Final Look at PCC 2009
Video slideshow shown at the 2010 Annual Family Life Meeting
Four Words
story of God intro video